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What others have said about Private & Family Energy Healing Therapy Sessions & our Energy Healing Development Classes!

“Through your programs, I have been able to stabilize my labs, stay off dialysis and not regress… truly amazing.” Bonita Springs, FL – R.K.

Transformational!” Naples, FL – J.S.

Energy healing has opened my mind to the incredible healing power of energy and how vital it is to health!” Naples, L – C.S.

Sense of peace, spiritual growth and expansion of love & compassion.” Naples, FL- L.P.

The course was professional, spiritual, well thought out, extremely knowledgeable, and the healing techniques and experiences were beyond my expectations.” NY & Naples, FL – C.S. MT & RN

The course offers an amazing insight in how to connect with your energy and that of others.” Naples, FL – K.T.

Discover the power within you.” Naples, FL

Stop reading self-help books and learn to give, share, forgive, release and find peace by healing yourself and others through this course”. Naples, FL – H.B.

I am so glad I did this, it is a life changer.” Naples, FL – T.V. RN

Soul nurturing and enlightening.” Marco Island, FL – M.G.

It has been a wonderful experience! Looking forward to helping others.” MI, Florida – L.A.

Bless you and thank you for all the work you do to make this happen.” Naples, FL

Thank you so much for this opportunity. My heart opens up when I am with you ladies. I can’t wait to be in the energy of the healers, angels and orbs.” Ontario, CA and Marco Island – A.C.

Thank you for a wonderful session. You opened my eyes and many gates.” Long Island, NY & Marco Island, FL – M.R.

Powerful course to show the power of energy and what it can do to help your spirit, mind and body!” Naples, FL

I feel amazing!” Naples, FL

To learn more about private Energy Healing Therapy Sessions & Classes contact Rev. Karen, Tutor, at 239-692-9120 or email ksmith727@comcast.net.